Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mark Fillebrown

On November 20th after racing the Baja 1000 our friend Mark crashed his bike in Mexico. We are all very thankful that he is alive!! But he is left with, six broken ribs a collapsed/punctured lung, a concussion, no insurance and loads of medical bills. He also is obviously out of work while he heals but being that his one job is taking people out on bike tours, he will need to be healed fully before he can return.

 Anyone who knows Mark knows that he himself would never ask other people for money.  He would work with an arm hanging off if he had to and not complain. But this time he really does need our help. That is why we have put this together for him, to help pay some medical bills, keep his rent paid and keep food in his beard.

 Please donate whatever you can afford, even 20 dollars will help alot! Thank you all!
You can donate by clicking the paypal donate button in the upper right corner or if you dont have paypal email me and I will give you an address where checks or money orders could be mailed to. Thank you again!!!